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ITASCA Releases MassFlow version 9.0

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A Big Hand of Applause for Our 2023 Summer Interns

ITASCA Minneapolis would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our 2023 summer interns for their hard work and dedication. Thank you again for being a valuable part of our team.

Itasca has announced the release of FLAC2D v9

Itasca has announced the release of FLAC2D v9, revolutionizing the way we analyze and predict the behavior of complex soil and rock systems.

RockMass and ITASCA Release New Integration to Enable Safer Excavation Through Efficient Design

RockMass and ITASCA are pleased to announce a new integration that will enable users to seamlessly import RockMass data into ITASCA’s FLAC3D 9.0 and 3DEC 7.0 (and higher) software solutions.

6th Itasca Symposium on Applied Numerical Modeling

The next Itasca Symposium will take place June 3 - 6, 2024, in Toronto, Canada.

Itasca International Inc. announces the Selection of its New CEO

Itasca International Inc. announces the Selection of its New CEO

Itasca has announced the release of FLAC3D v9

Itasca has announced the release of FLAC3D v9, an advanced continuum modeling tool for solving the most challenging geotechnical problems in mining, civil, and energy engineering.

ARMA 2022 Student Design Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the American Rock Mechanics Association's (ARMA) 2022 Student Design Competition.

International Slope Stability 2022

Itasca is proud to be a Diamond sponsor of Slope Stability 2022 (October 17-21 | Tucson, Arizona). Itasca engineers from several countries will be attending. Do you have any slope stability challenges or software modeling questions? Then please stop by our booth (12 & 13) and chat with one of our consultants. Itasca is also providing a comprehensive pre-conference workshop on Monday, October 17.

Software Benchmark Tests

To help with your hardware configuration decisions, Itasca has created an online benchmark speed test to compare different hardware configurations and software versions. Your results are uploaded to a benchmarking site for comparison with other users' tests. Available for 3DEC v7+, FLAC3D v6+, and PFC3D v6+.

Meet Our Summer Interns

Itasca is pleased to welcome three graduate student summer interns to Minneapolis. They will be working on software development and mining engineering consulting projects.

New Itascans

Itasca welcomes Amanda Schendel and Luis Wasserman to our team.

A Celebration of 40+ Years

Itasca celebrated its 40th anniversary in May, marking four decades of discovery, service, and family.

Itasca Partners with Rescale for FLAC3D Cloud Computing

With the advent of web licenses, Itasca software can be run in the cloud via services like AWS or Azure. Rescale makes cloud computing easy with pre-installed software.

Software Forum Now Open

Itasca has launched a new software forum to provide a platform for users to ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss Itasca software.

2021 Tekne Award

Work on machine learning to advance safety and efficiency in wind energy construction earned a 2021 Tekne Award (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning category) from the Minnesota Technology Association.

Itasca Software now Available for Linux

Version 7 or greater of Itasca software (FLAC3D, 3DEC, PFC3D, and PFC2D) are now operable on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System.

Model Plot Contest Winners

Itasca is pleased to announce the winners and honorary mentions of our Model Plot Contest as part of Itasca's 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Meet Itasca France at AFTES 2021 in Paris!

Itasca Consultants will be present at the next AFTES Congress entitled "The underground, a space of innovations".

Itasca Celebrates 40 Years

Itasca is celebrating 40 years of solving geomechanical and hydrogeological challenges through engineering and computer simulation for the mining, civil, and energy industries.

Stability and Stress-Deformation Analyses of Reinforced Slope Failure at Yeager Airport

This paper describes the material properties along with the inverse limit-equilibrium and permanent deformation analyses used to investigate the 2015 reinforced slope failure at the Yeager Airport near Charleston, West Virginia.

Computers and Geotechnics: Scott Sloan Best Paper Award for 2019

Introducing Our New IMASS Constitutive Model

The Itasca Constitutive Model for Advanced Strain Softening (IMASS) has been developed to represent the rock mass response to excavation induced stress changes.

2020 H. Bolton Seed Lecture: Open Issues about Soil Liquefaction

Dr. Bruce L. Kutter delivered the 2020 H. Bolton Seed Lecture at Geo-Congress 2020 in Minneapolis, MN, on February 25, 2020. The full title is "Open Issues about Soil Liquefaction from a Perspective Including Physical Model Tests."

Webinar: Using Rigid Blocks in PFC

This webinar will provide a brief overview of PFC modeling using convex rigid blocks, including example applications ranging from rock-mass behavior to granular flow, and highlight important tip and tricks and modeling challenges.

Remote Trainings Planned for 2021

Itasca Consulting Group is planning remote, online training for early 2021.

3DEC 7 is officially released!

Enhanced user interface with new automated block and zone generation tools, and new structural elements. Built-in Voronoi generator, new joint models, improved commands and FISH. Multi-threaded FISH and Python scripting.

Open Pit Dewatering: Dewater, Derisk, Deliver

Learn more about developing an effective strategy for open pit dewatering and avoiding common pitfalls in this E&MJ article.

Tutorial Series: Analyzing a Homogeneous Embankment Dam using FLAC 8.1

This is a three part tutorial series to calculate the total and effective stresses and water flow in a homogeneous embankment dam.

Griddle 2.0 Pre-release Now Available

Griddle offers automatic, interactive, and easy-to-use surface meshing and volume grid generation capabilities for FLAC3D, 3DEC, and many other engineering modeling formats, including ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, VRML, and CSV.

Paper Awarded Silver Medal by SAIMM

The paper "A risk-based methodology to improve the definition of geotechnical sectors in slope design" has been awarded a Silver Medal by SAIMM.

Learning FLAC3D 7.0

New FLAC3D introductory tutorials are now available on our website. See how easy it is to set-up and work with advanced numerical models in FLAC3D.

Web licenses are now available!

They are ideal for organizations with many users at different locations and/or for cloud computing.

Itasca Symposium 2020 Proceedings

Download the 2020 Itasca Symposium proceedings and presentations for free.

New ICG General Manager

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Tryana Garza-Cruz is now our General Manager.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In this exceptional time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Itasca International and its offices worldwide are closely monitoring the situation. While certain Itasca offices may be physically closed due to local conditions and requirements, we are maintaining business operations, including software sales and shipping, as well as timely delivery of ongoing consulting projects. We have implemented measures to ensure our personnel’s safety and will continue to monitor conditions over the coming weeks and months and, following government and public health guidance, will respond proactively. We will provide updates as necessary.

2020 Peter A. Cundall Award

Itasca Symposium 2020 Technical Papers and Statistics

Itasca Symposium 2020 - Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the Fifth International Itasca Symposium.

2019 Sloan Outstanding Paper Award

Dr. Mojtaba Bahaaddini (Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman), along with Associate Professor Glenn Sharrock (Itasca/UQ), and Professor Bruce Hebblewhite (UNSW), have landed the prestigious "Computers and Geotechnics 2019 Sloan Outstanding Paper Award".

Itasca Awarded Prestigious Caving 2040 Research Grant

Itasca’s research aims to answer the key industry question “how should block caves be designed and operated to achieve high recovery during cave interactions”?

Extended deadline

Newsletter April 2019

Keynote speakers

Itasca 2020 Symposium

FLAC3D 7.0

Erfahren Sie mehr über die neuen Funktionen von FLAC3D Version 7.0.

PFC 6.0

Erfahren Sie mehr über die neuen Funktionen von PFC 6.0.

Fifth Itasca International Symposium

Itasca is pleased to announce that the 5th International Itasca Symposium will take place February 17-20, 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

Ground Support 2019

Newsletter February 2019

UDEC 7 Now Available as Pre-Release

UDEC, Version 7.0, is now available as a pre-release. This new version provides major enhancements for modeling capabilities, software interoperability, and updated graphics.

Newsletter Q4 2018

The latest issue of our European newsletter (Q4, 2018) is now on-line.

All newsletters can be found under the item "Newsletter" in the upper menu. Check it out!

UDEC 7 - Pre-purchase now!

Benefits of Computational Modeling for Geotechnical Engineers

Itasca Consulting Group is pleased to have contributed to this Transportation Research Board (TRB) webinar series, along with Derrick Dasenbrock of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, on the Benefits of Computational Modeling for Geotechnical Engineers.

Newsletter November 2018

Training Courses 2019

Itasca Consulting Ltd (ICL) upcoming Training Courses, 2019. Microseismic Processing with InSIte: An Online Tutorial - February 2019

PFC 6 Officially Released

PFC, Version 6.0, is officially released. This new version provides major enhancements for modeling capabilities, software interoperability, and updated graphics.

PFC 6 Pre-Release

UDEC 7 Pre-Release

Microseismic Monitoring Consultancy

Itasca Consulting Ltd's consultancy services for a wide range of industries, including Oil and gas, mining, geothermal, radioactive waste storage, underground co2 storage, and civil engineering.

Microseismic Quality Control Using Synthetic Seismograms

Microseismic Geomechanics: Horn River Case Study

We are using recorded microseismic data from a hydraulic fracturing treatment in the Horn River Basin, Canada, to calibrate a geomechanical model in order to better understand fracture growth and proppant distribution.

RESOLVE & IMaGE joint Induced Seismicity Monitoring services

Resolve Energy Solutions Inc. and IMaGE (ITASCA Microseismic and Geomechanical Evaluation) are pleased to announce that they have joined forces to offer integrated induced seismicity services in Western Canada.

Newsletter Q3 2018

The latest issue of our European newsletter (Q3, 2018) is now on-line.

Newsletter September 2018

The latest issue of our newsletter - September, 2018 - is now published.

PFC 6 Now Available as Pre-Release

PFC, Version 6.0, is now available as a pre-release. This new version provides major enhancements for modeling capabilities, software interoperability, and updated graphics.

Introducing XSite

Our Newest 3D Software - Hydraulic Fracture Simulation of 3D Fracture Networks

Caving 2018

The Australian Centre for Geomechanics looks forward to hosting the Fourth International Symposium on Block and Sublevel Caving in Vancouver in October 2018.

Charles Fairhurst - The Long Shadow

Professor Charles Fairhurst is at once a scientist, engineer, husband and father. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Officier de la Légion d’Honneur, France.

Newsletter Q2 2018

The latest issue of our European newsletter (Q2, 2018) is now on-line.

New soil material model

A new soil material model has been implemented in FLAC3D Version 6: PH small-strain (PHSS).

June newsletter

The latest issue of our newsletter - June, 2018 - is now published.

Small-strain Option for PH Model

This is a free update to the PH Model now available in FLAC3D 6.


Itasca is participating at FRAGBLAST 12 in Luleå!

New for FLAC3D 6 in 2018

New functionality has been added to FLAC3D in 2018.

What's new at Itasca

What's new for our codes? Several updates and new examples are now published - read more here!

Environmental policy

Newsletter April 2018

Upgrade & GDPR

Newsletter Q1 2018

Rock Engineering Days 2018

Itasca Part of Transportation Research Award Winning Team

The University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) has awarded its 2018 Research Partnership Award to a team that has studied "Geogrid-Reinforced Aggregate-Base Pavement Design."

Itasca at SME 2018

Newsletter February 2018

Join Itasca at the SME 2018 Conference in Minneapolis

Newsletter Q4 2017

Upcoming conferences

Stress measurements and laboratory testing

In cooperation with Stress Measurement Company Oy we are now offering both rock stress measurements using theLVDT-probe and laboratory testing services.

3DEC 5.2 - Version Beta

Préachetez 3DEC V5.2 et recevez immédiatement la version beta!


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