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ARMA 2022 Student Design Competition

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc. would like to congratulate the winners of the American Rock Mechanics Association's 2022 Student Design Competition:

The challenge was to find the minimum depth for a tunnel such that the factor of safety > 1.5 and probability of slip on the fault < 5%. Team scores were based on their speaking skills, technical content, and responses to questions.

Sixteen teams from across the globe registered with six teams selected as finalists. Thank you to all the students who participated and to the ARMA - University of Toronto and - University of Kentucky Student Chapters and the ARMA Student Council for organizing this event. A final thank you goes out to the competition judges: Dr. John Dudley, Dr. Herbert H. Einstein (MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Dr. Loren Lorig (Itasca).

Itasca sponsored the competition, providing FLAC2D software and the prize money.

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