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RockMass and ITASCA Release New Integration to Enable Safer Excavation Through Efficient Design

June 20, 2023, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. - ITASCA, a global engineering-consulting and engineering software development company, and RockMass Technologies, an industry-leading geotechnical data automation solutions provider, are pleased to announced a new partnership. The center of the partnership surrounds a new integration that will enable users to seamlessly import RockMass data into ITASCA’s FLAC3D 9.0 and 3DEC 7.0 (and higher) software solutions.

It’s a powerful and novel approach to geotechnical mapping. Together our solutions streamline digital data collection and increase model confidence and safety in underground rock engineering.

Dr. Jim Hazzard, Software Manager at ITASCA

With the ability to import data into ITASCA software, users will be able to create visualizations and build models of underground infrastructure and excavations to make better and more informed engineering decisions. While traditional methods of data collection and analysis rely on deterministic measurements of fracture surfaces, this integration gives users access to hundreds of data points to create a more realistic discrete fracture networks (DFNs), statistical distribution of fracture orientations. This not only creates a more accurate representation of the rock mass but also increases confidence in the data used to build the model.

Our integration with ITASCA dramatically reduces the time needed from data collection to subsequent modelling. This empowers teams to work with greater efficiency and make faster and more accurate decisions. Additionally, with increased accuracy, teams can design and construct safer excavations, and improve short- and long-term planning.

Dr. Josephine Morgenroth, Technical Services Manager at RockMass Technologies

The integration is now available globally for anyone with an ITASCA software license ( for version 7/9) and a RockMass Mapper. The functionality of the integration can be viewed in this 3DEC tutorial example. For those interested in seeing the integration in person, ITASCA and RockMass will be presenting a paper on the workflow for this integration at the ISRM conference in Salzburg October 9th-14th.


Itasca is an employee-owned, engineering-consulting and engineering software development company with offices worldwide. It is one of the world leaders in engineering design and numerical modeling of geomechanics and hydrogeology related to mining, civil engineering, and energy extraction. Itasca blends local experience with a global perspective and maintains an internationally diverse team of leading engineers, software developers, and scientists.

About RockMass Technologies

RockMass Technologies is an industry-leading geosciences data automation solutions provider serving the world’s largest mining companies across five continents. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, RockMass Technologies’ solutions improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of data collection and processing by enabling users to capture and synchronize geotechnical data in real-time. By enabling access to reliable datasets, RockMass Technologies empowers users to reduce model uncertainty and make the best possible operational decisions.

For more information, please contact:

James Arth

Director of Sales and Marketing

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.

Dr. Josephine Morgenroth

Technical Services Manager

RockMass Technologies

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