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3DEC 7 is officially released!

The 3DEC 7.0 release is now available! Download the demo, upgrade, or purchase* now.

Enhancements and features to 3DEC 7.0 include:

  • Enhanced user interface for easier plotting and more powerful text editor
  • Built-in, automated block and zone generation using geometry (CAD and VMRL files)
  • New hybrid bolt that reproduces both the shear and axial behavior of rock bolts, such as fully grouted rebar, cable bolts, and split sets.
  • All of FLAC3D's structural elements are now available (beams, cables, piles, shells, geogrid, and liners)
  • Built-in Voronoi generator
  • Softening-Healing Mohr-Coulomb joint model for improved seismicity modeling
  • Bilinear Mohr-Coulomb joint model with two different shear strength envelopes depending on a critical level of normal stress
  • Improved commands and FISH makes using and learning these easier
  • Multi-threaded FISH and Python scripting
  • Export 3DEC 7 models to FLAC3D 7 zones and interfaces, PFC 6 rigid blocks, or UDEC 7 blocks (based on a cut-plane)
  • New 3DEC 7 binary file format makes it easier, and faster, to import and export blocks and zones


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