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What's new for our codes? Several updates and new examples are now published - read more below! We now also offer 15% discount on all orders before June 30, 2018. Take this opportunity to upgrade or supplement your existing versions now - contact us directly, for price quotes and order forms.

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A new example showing how to model seismic loading of an earth dam is available. Also, if you have not upgraded to version 8, then do it now to get these great features.

  • 64-bit version and multithreaded fluid flow calculations to run bigger models
  • Five new and updated constitutive models, including the Plastic Hardening model
  • Factor of safety contour plotting

New functionality has been added to FLAC3D version 6 in 2018. Get the latest update to take advantage of these developments.

  • Printable (PDF) reproductions of selected sections of the FLAC3D Help file (FLAC3D Modeling, Examples, and Theory and Background) are now available
  • Save files are now created around 35% faster in most cases
  • Results files can now be generated using a pre-selected partial range of zones
  • Beam, Cable, and Pile contour plots now exporting as CSV file format for easy import into spreadsheets
  • FISH scripting now executes up to 2x faster

PFC version 6.0 is due to be released in 2018. Buy version 5 now and you will automatically receive version 6, which includes the following new features.

  • Ability to model Convex Rigid Polyhedral objects
  • Coupling to FLAC3D, including ball or block interaction with FLAC3D zones and structural elements (cables, liners, geogrids, etc.)
  • New generic adhesive contact model
  • Better, faster graphics
  • Python 3.6

A new example of 3DEC showing modeling of flying buttresses is available. Also, don’t miss these improvements that have been recently added to version 5.2.

  • Ability to plot faces for a given surface region
  • New contact plot item

Get the latest update.

A new example showing how to model a landslide with runout is available.

Griddle now works with both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 CAD software.

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