Why Choose Griddle?


  • Generate meshes for both continuum and discrete element models
  • Integrated within Rhinoceros 3D, a powerful CAD program for creating and modifying surfaces, solids, and meshes
  • Produce different types of volume meshes to fit your goals:
    • Structured hexahedral meshes for accurate stress calculations
    • Unstructured tetrahedral meshes when working with the most complex geometries and generating 3DEC bonded-block-models (BBM)
    • Unstructured Hex-dominant meshes as a hybrid approach to maximize the volume fraction of hexahedral elements
  • Preserve surface mesh overall shapes and properties through the process of mesh intersection and remeshing
  • Built-in Rhino 3D mesh repair tools and new Griddle automated mesh repair functionality
  • Named Rhino 3D objects are included in the FLAC3D or 3DEC grid files as groups, making it easy to reference joints, faults, and other geotechnical domains in Itasca’s software
  • Control local mesh resolution for surface meshes by specifying local mesh size, hard edges or hard nodes
  • Control the gradation of element sizes (e.g., from small to big) in surface and volume meshes
  • Extract, extend and/or extrude surface meshes using Griddle tools to quickly and efficiently prepare surface meshes for remeshing and volume meshing with desired parameters
  • Customize, parameterize, and fully automate Rhino and Griddle using powerful macros, Visual Basic, and Python scripting
  • Export meshes to non-Itasca, Finite Element software formats


  • Now able to export FLAC3D 7 and 3DEC 7 as binary grid files for smaller size and faster loading
  • Create 3DEC 7 meshes either using Rigid or Deformable blocks format
  • Faster and more robust surface and volume meshing engines
  • Preserve initial surface/polysurface/mesh information and automatically transfer names of Rhino objects as groups in FLAC3D and 3DEC
  • Efficiently prepare surface meshes and fix issues using GHeal, GExtract, GExtend and/or GExtrude


  • Easily create high quality meshes in various formats
  • Automatically check for possible meshing issues before volume meshing
  • Volume mesher GVol highlights problematic areas that may require additional clean-up or fixing
  • Griddle generates element reports defining the types and fractions of elements
  • Griddle now has automated mesh repair tools with powerful features exceeding Rhino capabilities
  • Griddle’s surface mesh intersector (GInt) ensures conformal meshes across the geometry


  • Since being commercially released in 2015, Griddle has been used by Itasca engineers and scientists in their work often when dealing with the most complex geometries and structures
  • Used worldwide by a wide variety of industries, universities, and government agencies


  • Multiple types of surface remeshing and volume meshing elements (tetrahedral, hexahedral, and hex-dominant)
  • Rhino 3D has a large number of points, lines/curves, surface, solid, and mesh drafting tools that are easy to use
  • Customize, parameterize, and automate Rhino and Griddle using powerful macros, Visual Basic, and Python scripting
  • Rhino 3D imports/exports a large variety of CAD file formats
  • Optional FLAC3D 7 and 3DEC 7 ASCII format for grid files making it easier to modify or customize grid files
  • Standard license is portable between computers and users
  • Multiple seat network licenses available
  • Monthly and annual leases available


  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Standard license is portable between computers and users
  • Monthly and annual leases are available

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