What’s New in PFC Version 7

What’s New in PFC Version 7

This webinar reviewed the new features and capabilities available in PFC 7 and was presented by Sacha Emam (Product Manager) and Matthew Purvance (Senior Software Engineer).

This webinar is for people who have used PFC before and are interested in the latest developments, including:

  • New Contact Models
  • Custom Contact Models using FISH
  • Enhanced Rigid Blocks and Clumps
  • Enhanced Structural Elements Support
  • Inlets to Generate Streams of Elements
  • Multi-threaded FISH
  • Packing Stress Installation Schemes
  • Linux OS Version
  • Question & Answer session
Click image to download webinar slides (PDF, 7 MB)
Webinar Details

Dec 15, 2021
11:00 am - 12 noon CST

Language: English

Software: Consulting Services:

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