UDM Liability

The following terms of liability are applied:

  • The usage of the UDMs is free of charge, but requires the CPPUDM option for the corresponding Itasca code. To purchase the CPPUDM option, please contact your local software agent.
  • Itasca will not provide free support for the usage of the UDM.
  • For each UDM a contact address is provided. The contact is either an Itasca office or the institution providing the UDM.
  • Any kind of support or consulting concerning the usage of the UDM is considered as a service, the payment of which has to be negotiated between the two parties in contact.
  • The UDMs provided on this site, were tested and have been applied to practical problems. However, no comprehensive verification or validation is available.
  • It is strongly recommended that the user test the UDM and validate its applicability to the particular problem, before using the UDM for practical problems.
  • Itasca is not responsible for any of the following:
  • correct physical and mathematical description of the UDM
  • correct programming
  • appropriate usage and application
  • decisions made on the basis of results obtained
  • Itasca and/or the institution providing the UDM assumes no liability whatsoever with respect to any use or application of the UDM or any portion thereof or with respect to any damages or losses that may result from such use, including (without limitation) loss of time, money, or goodwill that may arise from the use or application of the UDM (including any modifications or updates that may follow). In no event shall Itasca and/or the institution providing the UDM be responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from use or application of the UDM.