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ITASCA Releases MassFlow version 9.0

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — March 18, 2024 — ITASCA has released the latest version of MassFlow (version 9.0), utilized in block caving, panel caving, and sublevel caving operations and stoping mine modeling to analyze material flow to drawpoints. MassFlow allows mining engineers to improve both the efficiency and safety of mining operations by optimizing drawpoint layouts, predicting air gaps, and estimating recovery and dilution, fragmentation, and fines migration.

Through sophisticated modeling, MassFlow streamlines advanced drawpoint optimization and layout design for engineers. MassFlow simulates material flow by tracking the growth of isolated movement zones (IMZ) and the internal material movement associated with draw, providing insight to strategically design drawpoint placement, adjust spacing for optimal cave mining, and maximize ore recovery while reducing dilution and enhancing fragmentation.

By utilizing MassFlow, mining engineers can:

  • Maximize resource recovery: Design drawpoint layouts for optimal ore extraction, boosting resource efficiency.
  • Reduce dilution and enhance fragmentation: Minimize dilution and optimize fragmentation, reducing waste and optimizing profitability.
  • Streamline operations: Optimize layouts to enhance mining efficiency, boosting productivity and minimizing costs.
  • Enhance safety: Mitigate safety risks by understanding the cave behavior, helping to provide a secure work environment for mining personnel.

Efficiently achieve effective results:

Augmented insights: MassFlow can be coupled with the power of 3DEC or FLAC3D to provide a comprehensive geomechanical analysis that considers stability assessments such as stress distribution and rock yielding alongside material flow dynamics.

Flexible, easy-to-use interface: The customizable user interface in MassFlow allows for intuitive navigation and easy access to your most important tools and features. Only four input data files are needed (mine block model of rock properties, drawpoint locations, drawbell descriptions, and draw schedules), and the input wizard will automatically generate datafile commands to run uncoupled flow models.

Enhanced speed: The newest version of MassFlow runs 1.7x faster and has optimized marker search and sorting algorithms. Adjustments to the model via mouse, commands, or scripting are recorded for repeatability, improving your workflow and achieving faster results.

MassFlow version 9 is available as a convenient web license. For more information about detailed features, pricing, and license options, visit


ITASCA is an employee-owned, engineering software development and engineering-consulting company with offices worldwide. It is one of the world leaders in engineering design and numerical modeling of geomechanics and hydrogeology related to mining, civil engineering, and energy extraction. ITASCA blends local experience with a global perspective and maintains an internationally diverse team of leading engineers, software developers, and scientists.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ITASCA manages ten global offices and over 200 employees. Together, we strive to deliver functional, actionable, and long-term sustainable solutions from an environmental and societal perspective.

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