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Introducing IMAT (ITASCA Mining Analysis Toolbox): Transforming Mining Analysis Solutions

Minneapolis, Minnesota — February 26, 2024 — Today, ITASCA, a pioneer in developing innovative software solutions for the mining industry, proudly announces the forthcoming release of IMAT. This cutting-edge software suite offers a comprehensive solution for mining professionals seeking advanced modeling and analysis capabilities tailored to their specific needs, all in an intuitive point-and-click interface for effortless navigation and operation. IMAT is designed by mining professionals to offer a user-friendly and powerful platform for simulating and analyzing diverse mining scenarios with no scripting required. Featuring cutting-edge numerical algorithms and an intuitive interface, IMAT enables engineers to easily build and model simple to intricate mining operations, optimize designs, and manage risks effectively.

Simplicity is key:

IMAT revolutionizes the mining industry with its groundbreaking modular software system, empowering professionals to customize components according to their needs. This innovative solution simplifies the intricacies of scientific software while integrating advanced numerical modeling and seismic data analysis. Through user-centric design, IMAT makes complex geotechnical and seismological concepts accessible to a broader audience.

In IMAT, all operations are executed through a user-friendly graphical interface, eliminating the necessity for scripting. Seamlessly leveraging the robust FLAC3D solver, a three-dimensional numerical modeling software by Itasca, IMAT automates the generation of required scripts for comprehensive mining scenarios, facilitating rapid model setup without the need for advanced scripting training.

Solutions to fit various needs:

IMAT: Serving as the foundational framework, IMAT furnishes engineers with indispensable tools and functionalities for efficient analysis of fundamental mining geometries. This platform serves as the foundation upon which all optional modules are integrated.

Upon launch, IMAT will offer three optional modules catering to seismic, simple, and advanced numerical modeling requirements.

Seismic Analysis Module: Enhancing the capabilities of the IMAT product, the Seismic Analysis Module integrates advanced functionality for seismic analysis, allowing for the importation of seismic data from third-party providers. Equipped with robust visualization tools, engineers can accurately discern and interpret the seismic impact on structures and excavations with unparalleled clarity.

Simple FLAC3D Module: This module presents a simplified interface tailored for the rapid construction and resolution of less complex models within the FLAC3D environment, without the need for scripting. By streamlining the process of geometry importation, material property and in-situ parameter definition, and mining sequence specification, engineers can swiftly configure simulations, achieving model setup and resolution in minutes.

Advanced FLAC3D Module: Tailored for engineers dealing with intricate mining challenges, the advanced FLAC3D option for IMAT offers enhanced features and capabilities, empowering users to create highly complex models of both underground and open-pit mines. The advanced FLAC3D option represents the epitome of modeling sophistication available in FLAC3D without the need for advanced scripting.

“Our team at ITASCA has worked tirelessly to develop IMAT, catering to the evolving needs of the mining industry,” said Gys Basson, Seismologist and Software Developer at ITASCA. “We are excited to offer this comprehensive, easy-to-use toolset that empowers mining professionals to tackle complex challenges with confidence."

IMAT will be available for purchase June 4, 2024. Stay tuned to for updates including detailed product features, pricing, and licensing options.

ITASCA's commitment to advancing mining engineering is evident in every aspect of IMAT. With its innovative features, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled modeling capabilities, IMAT represents a groundbreaking accessible solution for mining professionals worldwide.


ITASCA is an employee-owned, engineering software development and engineering-consulting company with offices worldwide. It is one of the world leaders in engineering design and numerical modeling of geomechanics and hydrogeology related to mining, civil engineering, and energy extraction. ITASCA blends local experience with a global perspective and maintains an internationally diverse team of leading engineers, software developers, and scientists.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ITASCA manages ten global offices and over 200 employees. Together, we strive to deliver functional, actionable, and long-term sustainable solutions from an environmental and societal perspective.

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