Why Choose FLAC3D?


  • Interactively create models from CAD files (DXF, STL), sketching, or images
  • Automatic structured and unstructured mesh generation
  • Extrude linearly and along curves NEW
  • Skinning to automatically identify model boundaries to set boundary conditions
  • Interactively assign groups, constitutive models, and properties/distributions
  • Built-in database to save/import/export material properties NEW
  • Automatic stress initialization
  • Intuitive commands are easy to learn
  • Most UI interactions are automatically translated into commands, which can be saved to a datafile and re-used
  • Built-in help / command auto-complete
  • Advanced built-in text editor makes creating and running models simple
  • With Version 9’s common UI, seamlessly move between programs or easily couple to other Itasca software


  • New solution optimization enables 2-3 times faster static modeling and dynamic time steps up to 2.6 times larger than before NEW
  • Multi-threaded to utilize the full power of your computer for faster solutions
  • Multi-threaded FISH Lists and Operators to query or modify the model incredibly quickly, even while cycling
  • New Maxwell damping for 10-200x faster performance for dynamic models NEW
  • Faster implicit solvers for fluid flow and thermal calculations NEW
  • Fast analytical temperature calculation for specified sources NEW


  • Large-strain simulations to capture the full extent of model deformation
  • Includes 27 built-in constitutive models:
    • Null
    • Elastic
    • Orthotropic Elastic
    • Anisotropic
    • Druker-Prager
    • Mohr-Coulumb
    • Ubiquitous-Joint
    • Ubiquitous-Anisotropic IMPROVED
    • Strain-Softening/Hardening
    • Double-Yield
    • Modified Cam-Clay
    • Swell
    • Bilinear Strain-Softening/Hardening Ubiquitous-Joint
    • Hoek-Brown
    • Hoek-Brown-PAC
    • CYSoil
    • CHSoil
    • Plastic-Hardening IMPROVED
    • Mohr-Coulomb-Tension
    • Soft-Soil
    • Finn
    • NorSand
    • P2PSand
    • IMASS (option)
    • Von-Mises NEW
    • Columnar-Basalt NEW
    • Concrete NEW
  • Non-linear deformable ground support elastic and elastoplastic NEW structures
  • Advanced plotting tools to understand your model results and for working with hundreds of plots on real projects NEW
  • FISH, Itasca’s scripting language, provides unparalleled control over, and customization of, the model
  • Built-in Python 3.10 scripting includes SciPy for plotting, NumPy for computing, and Pyside for UI customization
  • Statistical generation tools for Discrete Fracture Networks (DFNs)
  • All model changes (via mouse, commands, or scripting) are recorded for repeatability, learning, and re-use
  • Import pore pressures values to gridpoints from MINEDW *.mdp or CSV files (x, y, z, pore pressure) NEW


  • Highly customizable UI NEW and modeling
  • All licenses permit two instances of FLAC3D to be run on the same computer
  • Access and modify almost all variables (including “EXTRA” variables for zones, piles, gridpoints, etc.) via FISH/Python
  • Import and export any ASCII data format
  • UDMs can be written in C++ using Visual Studio template


  • Static and dynamic stability
  • Automatic factor of safety analysis (shear strength reduction method)
  • Back-analyze failure and calibrate forward-prediction
  • Parametric studies via FISH or Python
  • Service limit state (SLS) and ultimate limit states (ULS) based on displacements
  • Automatic zone relaxation simulates gradual excavation for construction sequencing
  • Simulate material damage and failure
  • Effective stress using conventional or complex pore pressure distributions
  • Fluid flow, seepage, and consolidation
  • Coupled ground-structure interaction (beams, cables, piles, shells, geotextiles, liners)
  • Simulate discontinuities (faults, joints, bedding planes, and construction boundaries) using interfaces; capture yielding or failure, shear displacements, opening, and closure along them
  • Static and dynamic liquefaction

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